Top tips for dressing for a winter wedding

Top tips for dressing for a winter wedding

There’s no denying that winter is a wonderful time for a wedding. The twinkly fairy lights, soft sunshine and freshly fallen snow really adds a magical feel to a couple’s big day. However, as a wedding guest, when that invite pops through your letterbox, the question of “What will I wear?” often arises. So with this in mind, here at Libra Clothing, we’ve put together the definitive guide on dressing for a winter wedding, meaning you can set the style stakes high.


Tip #1: All black outfits are acceptable

While an all black outfit may be a little too sombre for a summer wedding, there’s just something so chic about it in winter. The season’s hues tend to veer towards the dark and moody side so breaking out an all-black outfit won’t be the strangest thing that could happen. Black has the ability to streamline the figure and when worn head-to-toe it is instantly chic. The trick is to show just a little skin, either by opting for three-quarter length sleeves or leaving legs bare. When it comes to your accessories, the options are endless. Stick to black, opt for a pop of colour or choose metallics for a fabulous finish.


Tip #2: Look to long-sleeved dresses

Even for a winter wedding, dresses prove a popular choice. Unsurprisingly, that off-the-shoulder summer number that’s hanging in your wardrobe might not be appealing now, so instead look to a long sleeved dress. An easy way to stay warm and stylish, the long-sleeved dress is effortless! Plus, if it isn’t too cold, you might just get away without wearing anything over the top.


Tip#3: Layer if you wish

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t add layers! One of the amazing things about autumn-winter is the abundance of terrific textures. Fabrics such as faux fur, velvet and suede add a touch of luxe and when in the form of outerwear, they have the ability to really infuse the glam factor to your look. Perfect for a winter wedding, choose layers which enhance your outfit, and which can be easily removed when indoors. For us, there’s no better finish than a faux fur coat.


Tip #4: Don’t be afraid of prints

Prints possess so much power and they’re definitely ideal for a wedding. While flowers are often reserved for spring and summer, we firmly believe they are ideal at anytime of the year. After all, weddings are all about romance and flowers perfectly evoke this. They key is to choose flowers set against a darker backdrop to make them season appropriate. Alternatively, if floral prints aren’t appealing, choose a classic such as houndstooth, which is firmly associated with the winter months.


Tip #5: Consider colour

If you usually dress in vivid hues, don’t stop now! When it comes to brighter colours, look to jewel tones. Deep purples, emerald green and royal blues are perfect options for winter weddings, easily adding a splash of colour, while still remaining appropriate for the season. And if colour blocking is your thing, combine jewel tones for a winning look.


Tip #6: Choose your accessories wisely


Accessories really have the ability to transform your look. When it comes to footwear, opt for closed toe shoes (or boots for a wow moment) for a season appropriate choice. Glitter makes a key appearance in autumn-winter accessories so add a touch of sparkle to your look through your choice of jewellery.


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